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Trust Your Inner Journey
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An ocean of harmonic frequencies that release stress and invite the mind to stillness.

Sound Healing influences us on the mental, emotional and physical levels.  As we go through our day, we experience a great range of emotions and if these emotions cause stress, anxiety or anger, then we can find our bodies feeling tense.  Anytime our bodies are feeling tense and tight, we are are constricting the flow of energy in our bodies, creating disharmony.

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The vibrations of the instruments surround us in a harmonic vortex that helps us to relax and open tense and tight areas. We release thoughts and thought patterns, old emotions that are buried beneath our consciousness.  This allows for a greater flow of energy which brings our vibration, our body/mind/spirit, into greater harmony. 

Sound Journey

And as our body/mind opens and releases constriction our circulation improves, we strengthen the immune system,  we experience better hormonal health and sleep patterns improve.  As the body functions in greater harmony, then we are able to experience greater mental and emotional balance with improved creativity, motivation and a greater sense of well-being.

As we relax even deeper in the vibrations allowing the grip of the mind to loosen it’s hold, we enter a state of stillness, the stillness that is beyond thought and doing.  We become a witness to all that rises and falls, allowing everything to be as it is, without judgement or commentary. Beyond the mind, we experience our blissful nature.

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