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The energy that we are, is in constant motion and each part of us vibrates at it's own frequency, for example, our eyes vibrate at a different frequency than our brains. When we are vibrating at a harmonious frequency, we feel balanced, joyful and full of life.  Whenever we are not vibrating harmoniously, we can experience any number of conditions, fatigue, anxiety, pain, etc. During the sound bath, I play the gong, didgeridoo, singing bowls and ocean drum.  These instruments create a harmonious enviornment for the mind and body, the sounds release the mind and allow the energy of the body to come into balance, allowing our vibrations to harmonize and heal. 


The movements of the moon give us added energy and is a powerful time for looking within, for healing and shifting. The vibrations of the instruments can elevate awareness and re-balance your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  They boost your immune system, increase circulation, clear the aura and chakra systems, release stress and anxiety.  Come and let yourself relax and renew in the healing vibrations of the sound bath.

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